Sarah Higgins, Remote Mindfulness Based Health Coach


You're in the right place if you're seeking an effective and efficient mindfulness based employee wellness coaching to help you manage the stress and anxiety of working from home, in Madison, WI.

My background combines corporate wellness management, kinesiology, yoga and mindfulness based stress management, meditation and guided relaxation.

What I love doing most is collaborating with individuals willing to make change and prioritize their health and wellbeing.

I provide online mindfulness based stress management employee wellness coaching for municipalities, academic environments, corporate managers, and employees that are ready to survive and thrive.

I work with Human Resources, Insurance Brokers, Wellness Directors, Deans, and City Administrators who are looking to provide their employees with cutting edge approaches to preventing burnout and increasing the health and wellbeing of your entire team.

Are you a Yoga Teacher, or a YTT? I offer remote, 1:1 mindset, lifestyle and business coaching to help you access your authentic voice, teaching style and ideal clientele.

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