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Embrace Stress. Grow Compassion. Be in the flow.

Wouldn’t you be more graceful if you weren’t so burnt out and overwhelmed by stress at work, home, and life? I provide in person and online wellness programs for individuals, employee wellness programs, police and EMT's and academic institutional needs. 


“I have a renewed sense of peace, balance, alignment, and self”


“You have made me a true believer of the importance of this practice! I love our time with you!”


“I was encouraged to both build on my strengths and identify potential stumbling blocks.”


Stressed Out Employees Are Expensive

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers are losing billions on workers because of workers who are disengaged or unproductive because of stress.


Of workers describe feeling less productive when stressed.


Of employees feel less engaged when stressed.


Of workers say stress makes them look for a new job.


Of employees report that changes in leadership affect stress levels.

Why compassion, resiliance, and flow?

Practicing mindfulness increases self awareness and teaches healthy coping skills to disrupt and positively manage acute and chronic stress.  Mindfulness practices at work, home and play help to develop interpersonal and mindset growth and also help to create healthy behavioral changes.

MINDBODYSOUL Online is an online and in person hybrid studio that inspires participants to develop self compassion, to embrace stress and to get back to, or grow, the presence of flow.  

Working with Sarah is not just signing up for an app.  We work together to create an online, in-person or hybrid approach. Programs can be set up in multiple ways that are easy to use, hassle free and affordable.   

Together we can make a difference for leaders in community and family who are struggling to find the strength and clarity required to live their best lives. Together we will improve the lives of others. 

Mindfulness Benefits


Mindfulness based stress reduction practices lower employee emotional exhaustion at work.


Thoughtful attention increases employee engagement and retention.


Mindfulness based stress management practices result in lower absences.


Productivity increases when employees are healthier and happier.


Mindfulness meditation improves sense of wellbeing and quality of sleep.


Mindful attention improves our ability to be non-judgemental towards others.


Increased mindful self awareness helps us feel more comfortable in times of high stress.


Reflective awareness improves our ability to focus.

Need a fun Lunch and Learn? Ask me about my "Be in the Flow" series.


MINDBODYSOUL Online Bonus Practices

Access 8 short click and play audio practices you can listen to at anytime from any device. Choose from energy boosting, contemplative guided relaxations or even breathing practices to help you clear your energy. Practices are short, free and are designed to help you reconnect with your truest self, no matter what you're going through or who you are.

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